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Guatemala is known as a gastronomic destination, from a simple “tortilla” to more elaborate recipes such as “jocón.” The “revolcado”, “pepián” and “pilotada” are typical from La Antigua Guatemala – many sweets of Spaniard origin are also prepared (“bocadillos, nuégados, mazapanes, cocadas and canillas de leche.”)

The color palette of our kitchen reflects the richness of our home grown fruits, legumes and spices. We inherited two great culinary traditions; with the conquest we received the taste from the arab kitchens later changed by Spaniards and local ethnos.

The common ingredients are cheeses, corn tortillas, avocado, rice and all the spices where “chiles” stand out; the most common are beans and corn. The typical flavor of our table is obtained with origan, pepper, laurel, parsley, mint and other herbs. Soup is a universal dish and is generally enjoyed very hot. It serves as an appetizer before the main course which is generally followed by desserts prepared with fruits such as papayas, watermelons, mangos, bananas, “zapotes” and peaches as bases. Beverages also come from all these fruits that give the table a unique color and flavour. A good cup of aromatic and dark coffee is always at the table.


This destination is of great cultural and historic relevance to the world. It was declared World Heritage site by UNESCO. Sacatepéquez is one of Guatemalans more overwhelming districts according to oral traditions, not only by its peculiar geographical location but by its extraordinary cultural heritage. The oral traditions included the psychic legends of ghosts and souls in pain such as “el sombrerón, la llorona, los rezadores, el cadejo, el cura sin cabeza.” Several traditional festivities are celebrated during the year, mainly the day of all Saints, Concepción, Corpus Christie, Christmas, New Years and others. The Passion of Christ is commemorated with more solemnity and religious fervor during Easter Week represented by solemn religious ceremonies in catholic temples and impressive processions that that go through the city, where streets show off artistic sand dust rugs with flowers in the path of beautiful images conducted by devout. The predominant religion is catholic with more rooting and tradition.

La Antigua – named by UNESCO World Heritage Site -  is a charming city in the high plains of Guatemala, about 45 minutes from the countries capital.

It is probably best known for three things: the beautiful Spanish-style architecture and cobblestone streets built in the 16th century (preserved by law to this day), the many ruined churches and monasteries, casualties of the 1773 earthquake, and the majestic volcanoes looming on all sides. It is popular among tourists at all times of the year and is full of great restaurants, hotels built in the same Spanish style with heavenly, flowered courtyards, and dozens of Spanish-language schools.

La Antigua has preserved its colonial charm over the years and offers a perfect climate that makes it the prime destination for tourists. Visitors can enjoy shopping at any of the many markets located within the city as well as visit the ruins of the old convents.


Nature, Ecological, Flora & Fauna Attractions

La Antigua Guatemala is a colonial city surrounded by many attractions such as coffee and macadamian nut plantaitions, the Defay farm - a few kilometers outside the city - where more than a dozen grape varieties are cultivated and their production quality competes worldwide. The colonial city is surrounded by many natural landscapes such as volcanoes and the union of two mountainous valleys that form the central plateau of the district. One of these, at the south, is named Almolonga while the other, Valle de Panchoy. Other attractives of this district are the Water, Fire & Acatenango Volcanoes, Florencia - the scenic route of the Guacalate river, the historical route of the Laguna de Dueñas, Cerro de la Cruz, the butterfly mariposario of Jocotenango and the Spa at San Lorenzo El Cubo.

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