Recycling: We are Implementing the initial phase of a glass & plastic recycling system that benefits the community, our planet and us.

Community Cleaning Program: To motivate participation from community members and obtain combined efforts with the municipality, our staff performs daily cleaning tasks in the streets of St. Agnes.

Sewing Lessons: With the recent donation of 8 sewing machines and help from our staff, we are currently teaching our first 11 students (women from the community) how to sew and later sell their work to support themselves.

Psychological Support: Every week a psychologist works with preschool children from the community to help them understand and deal with learning disabilities and other development issues.

Cooking Lessons: In the hotel’s modern kitchens, our Chefs teach women from the community special cooking techniques that will help them improve their recipes and earn a living selling their food.

Computer Lab: More than 130 children have access to the latest technology designed toincrease their knowledge.

Scouts: Good values and a strong sense of community will benefit everyone and this is why we will support the program with a youth home.

Pottery, Candles & Recycled Handicrafts: Keeping up with our traditions, we will teach people techniques that provide a possible source of income when they sell their products in the marketplace.

Murals: We want to expose people to art and send positive messages through visual arts.



  • We have a sustainability management system (SMS) that includes aspects of security, health and safety, human talent, management, supply and quality in an integral way. 
  • We have programs and mechanisms to inform hosts about their responsibilities which favor their     participation process in the management and operation of the company. 
  • We comply with national and international legislations and regulations applicable to the Hotel. 
  • We document a Quality Management System with the necessary measures to guarantee our products     and services providing with it complete, clear and reliable conditions. 
  • We analyze the selection criteria, registration procedures, procurement controls and contracting of     goods and services. 
  • We have a training plan and implement concrete actions to evaluate our employees in business,    environmental and socio-cultural aspects of the industry. 
  • We ensure that the construction design is respectful of the landscape and of an appropriate scale using the construction techniques and materials based on local sustainability principles. 
  • We take measures to ensure the safety of customers (internal and external) during tourist and recreational activities. 
  • We monitor and analyze the preventive and corrective actions of management aspects ensuring continuous improvement in order to exceed customer expectations (internal and external.)


  • We promote the support, planning, implementation and promotion of local development activities in cultural, educational, environmental, sports, artistic and charitable areas. 
  • We promote the conservation of the cultural heritage of La Antigua Guatemala respecting the intellectual property of the local community and neighboring communities. 
  • We carry out specific actions to reconcile work, family and the personal life of the hosts.


  • We perform sound mitigation actions (sound equipment, air conditioning, electric plants, rooms) to comply with the Municipal Regulations in force.


  • We carry out specific actions to reduce significant impact on the environment adopting efficient measures for water, energy and fuel consumption, management of solid and liquid waste minimizing the emission of strong gases and odors. 
  • We respect the habitat of exotic and endangered species and promote the conservation of natural areas and biodiversity of the region.


  • We do not allow actions that support or encourage the commercial and sexual exploitation of children, girls and teenagers.