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GREAT Green Deal
Tourist Certification “Sello Q”
Carbon Footprint
Sexual Exploitation
Solidarity Association

SICCS - Central America Quality and Tourism Sustainibility Certification



At Hotel Museum SPA Casa Santo Domingo we ensure the development of sustainable tourism in economic, socio-cultural and environmental issues in all our operations.


  • We have a sustainability management system (SMS) that includes aspects of security, health and safety, human talent, management, supply and quality in an integral way. 
  • We have programs and mechanisms to inform hosts about their responsibilities which favor their     participation process in the management and operation of the company. 
  • We comply with national and international legislations and regulations applicable to the Hotel. 
  • We document a Quality Management System with the necessary measures to guarantee our products and services providing with it complete, clear and reliable conditions. 
  • We analyze the selection criteria, registration procedures, procurement controls and contracting of goods and services. 
  • We have a training plan and implement concrete actions to evaluate our employees in business,    environmental and socio-cultural aspects of the industry. 
  • We ensure that the construction design is respectful of the landscape and of an appropriate scale using the construction techniques and materials based on local sustainability principles. 
  • We take measures to ensure the safety of customers (internal and external) during tourist and recreational activities. 
  • We monitor and analyze the preventive and corrective actions of management aspects ensuring continuous improvement in order to exceed customer expectations (internal and external.)


  • We promote the support, planning, implementation and promotion of local development activities in cultural, educational, environmental, sports, artistic and charitable areas. 
  • We promote the conservation of the cultural heritage of La Antigua Guatemala respecting the intellectual property of the local community and neighboring communities. 
  • We carry out specific actions to reconcile work, family and the personal life of the hosts.


We perform sound mitigation actions (sound equipment, air conditioning, electric plants, rooms) to comply with the Municipal Regulations.


  • We carry out specific actions to reduce significant impact on the environment adopting efficient measures for water, energy and fuel, management of solid and liquid waste minimizing the emission of strong gases and odors. 
  • We respect the habitat of exotic and endangered species and promote the conservation of natural areas and biodiversity of the region.


We do not allow actions that support or encourage the commercial and sexual exploitation of children, girls and teenagers.


  • Participation in civic activities that improve the quality of life of hotel staff and members of the community.
  • Water + energy savings.
  • Carbon footprint measurement.
  • Installation of solar panels and pre-heating of water (or solar energy.)
  • Use of LED lights. 
  • Adequate management of solid and liquid waste.
  • With the Hotel Solidarity Association which benefits 280 members, elaboration, promotion and sale of reusable items. 
  • Use of certified firewood by INAB (National Institute for the Conservation of Forests.)
  • City ornamentation through the project “Pride Route” dedicated to clean, maintain sidewalk and flower boxes alongside the 27 Kms. (from Mixco to La Antigua Guatemala).
  • Psychological support for Hotel staff and members of the community.
  • Support provided to “Escuela Luis Mena” in different activities (payment of teacher salaries, access to advanced technology and coordination of monthly masses for over 400 children.
  • Support for Scouts program whose philosophy of life teaches respect for nature, tolerance, equality, companionship, physical activities and the capacity to overcome adversity and discomfort. 
  • Monthly contribution to supplement the costs of snacks for pre-primary children of “Escuela de Santa Inés del Monte Pulciano”.
  • We provide spaces for locals to set up markets to promote and sell their products.
  • Support to local artists through the program “Mosaico Cultural”.
  • With a team of professionals we take care of the conservation of Cultural & Historic Patrimony.
  • Provide employment priority to guatemalans.
  • Ensure safety in all our services. 
  • Consumption of local products.
  • Provide facilities for people with special needs.
  • Perform constant reviews to make sure we work with suppliers and products that take care of the environment.
  • Work on continuous improvement in the process of Occupational Health and Safety.


  • Purchasing and Contracting
  • Electrical Energy and Fuel Savings
  • Integral Security
  • Support to Local Development
  • Human Talent Management
  • Solid and Liquid Waste Management
  • Quality Management
  • IT Security
  • Tradition and Culture Conservation
  • Cultural and Historic Patrimony
  • Food Safety
  • Integral Maintenance
  • Biodiversity and Natural Species
  • Internal, External and Supplier Information
  • Water Saving Program
  • Innocuousness in Services Provided
  • Safety for Handling Accidents and Fortuitous Acts
  • Customer Information Security
  • No pollution